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Grape Juice & Grape Prices - Retail


It is time to order your grapes and juices now!

This year grapes are coming in early! They are at higher volumes than last year due to hot harvest conditions. Customer service is very important to us, so please place your order with Dave, Lorriane or Rose at the Webster Location.

We are here to help with all of your winemaking needs or wants! Just ask us!

- Grapes from California this year are packed in 36 lbs boxes and are hand-picked.

  1. -To ensure quality and freshness in your juice, we be offering 6 gallons (23 L) Sterile Packed Juices adjuste to 22 Brix. These bags will be carried in the black plastic trays. No worries about juice that ferments, etc! And you can start your fermentation on your own schedule!

  2. -We will continue to offer juice from Chile and Argentina mixed with that from CA. This is the same product that can be purchased from Canada.

  3. -We still offer California Juice with Skins, but you must pre-order and supplies are limited.

  4. -Pure Chilean Juice in 6 gallon (23 L) pails and also Italian Juice in 23 L pails.

  5. -To crush and de-stem grapes: $2.50 per box, to press: $1.00 per gallon; to filter $1.00 per gallon.

  6. -Equipment rental: $35.00 per day, per unit: crusher, de-stemmer, or corkers.

  7. -Delivery services still offered:

  8. -30 miles : fee of $50.00 add $1.75 per mile over 30 miles; add fee of $20.00 for delivery to other location other than garage.


These grapes will be gone very soon!


  Retail Pricing (PDF) (WEB)

      Mayers 2014-2015 Prices .pdf




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